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Deadthrone: Neue Single „Revival“ veröffentlicht

Die britischen Metalcore Newcomer Deadthrone veröffentlichen ihre brandneue Single „Revival“! Der Song stammt von ihrem kommenden Debütalbum, „Premonitions“, welches am 23.08.2019 via Arising Empire erscheinen wird!

DEADTHRONE:REVIVAL is the heaviest song on the album and one of the heaviest we’ve ever written as a band, but we wanted to prove that you can write a heavy song without having to be aggressive and angry. This is a love song, a thank you to the people in your life who stick around when you’re at your lowest point, the people who give you the support and strength you need to pick yourself back up and carry on. It’s self-loathing wrapped up in hope and love for someone else. The video represents everything we’ve set out to achieve with PREMONITIONS. It’s moments of darkness and despair juxtaposed with moments of light and beauty – a visual representation of the idea that hope and love can help you overcome anything.

Deadthrone – Revival


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