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Rise Against: Neues Album erscheint im Juni

Mit „Wolves“ erscheint am 09.06.2017 das neue Album von Rise Against. Als ersten Vorreiter schicken sie den Song „The Violence“ ins Rennen.

Was die Band zum neuen Album zu sagen hat, lest ihr hier:
„Those of us who oppose and resist this rising tide of dangerous rhetoric are often characterized as complainers, crybabies, sore losers or ’snowflakes.’ These convenient and dismissive tags might be comforting for those who use them. But the reality is different. They may have the throne, but we are the wolves at the gate.

Our ideas have teeth. Our vision has claws. Our appetite for change is voracious. Our prey is outnumbered and we’re circling in for the kill.

So the music on this record is the soundtrack to this new hunt that we find ourselves on.  Some of us are new to these ideas, some of us have been preparing for this fight our whole lives.  Further, the issues are global, so this record isn’t just about our home and what is happening here. What is happening here in our country has either already happened in its own way in other places, or is in danger of happening elsewhere.

Like all Rise Against records, there are also songs on here that tackle not just the political, but the personal. Ideally, our songs aim to be as complex as our fans are.

So as we march unapologetically into 2017, we assume these new identities with our fan base and wear them like armor into the fight:  We are the WOLVES.“

Rise Against – The Violence

Tracklist „Wolves“:
01 Wolves
02 House On Fire
03 The Violence
04 Welcome To The Breakdown
05 Far From Perfect
06 Bulls***
07 Politics of Love
08 Parts Per Million
09 Mourning in Amerika
10 How Many Walls
11 Miracle



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