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Luca Turilli’s Rhapsody: Lyric-Video zu „Rosenkreuz“

Die Schöpfer des Cinematic Metal sind zurück und das mit einer absolut herausragenden neuen Kreation: „Prometheus, Symphonia Ignis Divinus“, das am 19.06.2015 via Nuclear Blast Records erscheinen wird. Bereits erschienen ist die Single „Rosenkreuz (The Rose And The Cross)“, für welche die Band selbst ein Lyric-Video kreiert hat.

Luca Turilli kommentiert den Song und dessen Inhalt wie folgt: „While trying to understand more about the subject of metaphysics and spiritual evolution, my intention was to discover more about the primordial original spiritual source that, when manipulated more or less wisely later by man, gave birth to all the religions. Many people dedicated all their life and their studies to this subject, like for example HELENA BLAVATSKY who tried to condensate all in her theosophical perspective   or RUDOLF STEINER that tried to improve the society of his time with his anthroposophy. The truth is that whoever tried to discover more about such spiritual source linked with the primordial photon energy and the immortal secret related with it, sooner or later had to face the myth of CHRISTIAN ROSENKREUZ. The RHAPSODY song ‚Rosenkreuz (The Rose And The Cross)‘ tells about the great origin of the Rosicrucian Order and tells about the 12 wise men, keepers of the spiritual wisdom of the Ancients and of the highest intellectual knowledge of their time that, willing to react against the corrupted and amoral society of their time, found in the “13th one” the personified synthesis of such immortal secret reflected in the absolute and purest essence of light and love.“

Luca Turilli’s Rhapsody – Rosenkreuz (The Rose And The Cross)



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