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Ironwill: Video zu „True or not 2.0“

Die italienische Band Ironwill hat mit „True or not 2.0“ ihre neue Videosingle veröffentlicht.

Der Song ist eine überarbeitete Version von der, die auf dem letzten Album, „Breakout“, enthalten war.

Gitarrist Salvo Dell’Arte sagt dazu: „After the release of the new album „Breakout“, we have planned a project to communicate the themes through videos; We started writing the scripts that the director would contribute to creating. While working on the scripts for the videos, we found that the feel of the original recordings didn’t quite fit the meaning of the desired images. So the idea was born: to re-record the tracks in version 2.0 with Sherrie and Jarreth’s vocals, new guitars and a new mix. Ironwill then went back into the recording studio to record Sherrie and Jarreth’s vocals, which gave the songs the colour palette that the images required; guitars were re-recorded until the result was right on target. The new 2.0 versions of „Sad Night 2.0“, „As Fast as RnR 2.0“ and, finally, „True or not 2.0“ are released. From the very first listen, the new version of „True or not 2.0″ perfectly transfers the author’s vision to the listener; the themes of the evolution of the soul are then represented in the video with the metaphor of flight. The shooting in the spectacular location of the canyon and the sea cliffs, shot with a drone, illustrates the meaning of the lyrics word after word; the director Fabrizio Luzzo gives the song an image with skill and professionalism that deserves to be found in major productions“.



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