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The Noctambulant: Video zu „HellRazor“

Die Metal-Band The Noctambulant wird am 05.03.2021 mit „HellRazor“ ihr neues Album veröffentlichen.

Den gleichnamigen Song haben die Musiker aus Florida jetzt, zusammen mit einem Video, als Anheizer rausgehauen.

Frontmann E. Helvete sagt dazu:For me personally, this rebrand and music video was very personal. The video was shot on our family property, of which I”m the 4th generation to live here. I spent so many years trying to fit into the Scandanavian/European motif, that it started to feel disingenuous. So after our last album, The Cold and Formless Deep, the band and I decided to look at what makes us unique in the Black Metal landscape, and that is our origin. From the swamps and bayous of the south, we found a love of extreme metal tempered with our own brand and influences.”


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