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The Briggs: Neuer Song „Gridlocked“ online

Am 05.05.2015 erscheint die EP „The Briggs“ von der gleichnamigen Punkrock-Band. Daraus haben die Musiker bereits jetzt den Titel „Gridlocked“ veröffentlicht.

Joey Larocca erklärt, wie persönlich der Song ist:
„We’ve been inactive for some time now. Over the last few years we broached the idea of getting things going again and pushing forward as a band but with everything each individual member has been doing, family, Jason engineering, me everything under the sun, solo project, managing, producing, song-writing, it was just too tough to have it fit in our lives anymore. Around a year and half ago, we actually were in the process of writing a full-length for a label and recorded a good handful of songs. The deal ended up going sour and once again decided to walk away.

After some time went by we cracked open the sessions and listened to the songs and thought,“Damn, I really like these songs!“ „We should just put them out. Fuck it!“ We figured it was a shame to just sit on this music that’s already recorded and ready to go. It’s better to put it out to the world than let it collect dust.“



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