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„Scratched CD“: Neue Videosingle von Half Past Two

Am 29.10.2021 erscheint das neue Album der Ska-Pop-Punk-Band Half Past Two.

Als ersten Anheizer gibt es mit „Scretched CD“ die erste Videosingle auf die Ohren und Augen.

Sängerin Tara Hahn sagt: “Writing Scratched CD has been a laugh, and compared to how we have written together in the past, we were meeting sporadically, or in smaller groups, or writing over the phone, or even finding surprise changes in Google Drive. The song is about predictability and the limits of your sanity, haha, but also it’s about a scratched CD. I hope people remember what those are. The video was the dream of (director) Chris Graue. He said, ‘Make me a big CD that someone’s face can fit in the middle,’ and because the concept was so extremely nonsensical, we knew we needed a ska celebrity like Vince Walker of Suburban Legends to make the CD come to life. We’ve all had a lot of fun with Scratched CD; this song really compliments the rest of the songs on our upcoming album on Pay Attention Records available October 29th.”



Rae Mystic

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