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Morgoth: Video zu „Traitor“ online

Morgoth haben ein Video zum Song „Traitor“ veröffentlicht, es stammt vom „Comeback“-Album „Ungod“. Harry Busse (Gitarrist) sagt folgendes zum Song:

The first idea that existed for ‚Traitor‘ was the marching riff you find in the verse of the song. After we wrote the bridge and the chorus, the song was almost finished from its instrumental side. I still had no idea in which direction the lyrics should go. Only when Sebastian came up with the clean guitar, that introduces and completes the song, did I have the idea for a theme that would perfectly match the sadness and desperation of this interlude, followed by the brutality and mercilessness of the song itself. A child soldier, betrayed by the ones supposed to protect him, betrayed by the ‚Traitor‘.“

Morgoth – Traitor



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