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King Creature: Lyrik-Video zum Song „Falling Down Again“

Mit dem Song „Falling Down Again“ meldet sich die Band King Creature im Jahr 2020 zurück.

King Creature arbeiten zur Zeit an einem neuen Album, welches der Nachfolger zum Debüt „Volume One“ wird.

Die Musiker sagen zum Song: “The songs written about a close friend who was trying to take a sabbatical from alcohol whilst also trying to enjoy his daily life, he kept falling down again but he had no one to lay the blame on. King Creature are a tight misfit family where we have so much influence on each other, things spill out in our lives (amongst the beer) but we are constantly looking after each other and those around us, in the best way possible. Though the song has its hardships and feels like it’s about failing, it’s upbeat and positive highlighting the benefits of being social with your friends when you need it, like a big old crazy family, there’s no sadness. And who doesn’t enjoy a pint!”.



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