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Graveyard Shifters: Cover & erster Song online

Die Graveyard Shifters spielen eine Mischung aus Crossover und Punkrock und präsentieren mit „High Heels & Broken Bones“ ihr Debütalbum – es erscheint am 12.06.2015. Neben dem Cover haben die Musiker mit „Bender“ auch den ersten Track online gestellt! Die Band sagt zum Album:

„What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear of ‚fucking nut cracking punk’n’roll from Finland‘? Add to the picture cover art that is flirting with the traditional, well known Finnish painting ‚Aino‘ from The ‚Kalevala‘-stories. We?re sure that you?re confused, but curious.. Anyway, don’t get us wrong. We are NOT telling stories about ‚Kalevala‘, heheheh.. Cover art just tells you what we Finns are like, and how others see us. Music tells you what we Graveyard Shifters guys are made of. Tittle of this album comes from life’s ups and downs. We will take you to the top of a skyscraper and to the bottom of a cesspool. Situation in the world is dangerous at the moment in many ways. Media is full of propaganda from both sides. Blindfolded people should really take off their bands and remember that it is your job as a human to filter news from hullabaloo. Our job is to get you out from so-called warfare for a moment – We all are ONE, and we are all ONE!“

Graveyard Shifters – Bender

Graveyard Shifters Artwork (1)_kleinb



Foto: Miika Mera

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