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Death’s-Head And The Space Allusion: Neue Videosingle online

Die Melodic-Heavyband Death’s-Head And The Space Allusion aus Oulu hat eine neue Single am Start.

Zum Song „Shrouded Stars“ haben die Musiker auch direkt ein Video veröffentlicht.

Das Debüt-Album „The Counterbalance“ ist im Mai 2019 erschienen.

Gitarrist Antza Talala sagt zum Video: “We have done a few lyric videos before, but we got a chance to get professionals in bed with us with this project, so we decided to make a real music video. And the video is incredible to look at! We brainstormed the idea for the video as a group as we looked at the lyrics, but we gave free hands for Acke Salo and Samu Saukko from Lentoi Films. Their ideas just started to get out of control – in a good way – which in turn changed the project to a more ambitious one. Lentoi Films has been in a few large productions, so this was an enormous opportunity for us. Shrouded Stars -single is a form of in-between -work for us and a little snack for the fans to bite before we start our work on the second album. Plus, the video introduces the band quite well.”


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