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Badlands: Neuer Song vom kommenden Album online

Die Melodic-Streetrock-Band Badlands veröffentlicht mit „Back Where I Belong“ einen neuen Song. Das Album erscheint am 30.11.2013, wird „Alexandrian Age“ heißen und auf dem holländischen Label Rebellion Records veröffentlicht. Vorbestellen kann man es bereits unter: www.rebellionshop.com. Fans von Social Distortion oder Bad Religion können sich somit wieder freuen, wenn das fünfte Album der Musiker auf den Markt kommt!
Badlands – Back Where I Belong
Lately I am looking back on the times when I was young
Those days of my childhood that seemed to last so long
School was a burden, my thoughts drifted away
I was predestined to go into the fray
Daydreams became fury in my teenage years
I felt there was no place for me so I fought of my fears
Although my rage grew weaker, the solitude remained
Longing to come home one day, to that place unstained
Days, endless days, I’ve been waiting in vain
For a life in which I don’t have to roam
But although times have changed
Yet my soul is still in pain
And this feeling lasted too long
All I wish is to go back where I belong
Every time I hear a sound which reminds me of the past
That feel´ I didn´t find happiness comes like an unwanted guest
And I guess he tries to tell me that grief’s not a souvenir
But an everlasting state of mind as long as I am here
In a world in which I feel alien, a spectre in disguise
Where my true being is dissolved until the point I’m recognized
As someone who seems disengaged while it feels I’m looking though bars
A false appearance is keeping me from merging into the stars

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