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„A Gift For You“: Weihnachtssong von Bad Touch

Die Classic-Rockband Bad Touch hat mit „A Gift For You“ einen Weihnachstsong samt Video veröffentlicht. Im Juni ist das aktuelle Album „Kiss The Sky“ erschienen.

Sänger Stevie Westwood sagt dazu: “The song that 2020 deserves but not necessarily the song that it asked for. ‚A Gift For You‘ is a festive magnum opus, brought to you by Bad Touch. We’ve put together a little video that’s quite fun and whatever you’re celebrating this holiday season we hope you can enjoy a little fun and merriment, on behalf of us.  It’s a song we’ve been sat on for a few years now, we’ve had the bones for it for a while now but we thought that after the year that 2020 has been what better time. It’s a song filled to the brim with a lot of cheer, general frivolity and anarchy; all in equal measure. So there you go, ‚A Gift For You‘ from Bad Touch, may it bring you everything you want, need and deserve this Holiday season. Enjoy”.



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