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The Shame: Video zum Song „Sam’s Army (The Gang’s All Here)“

Am 18.11.2013 erscheint die Mini-CD „Tulsa Old School“ der Oi!/Punkrock-Band The Shame. Sie enthält die Songs der „The World Is Ours“-EP, der „Voi!ce Of America“-Compilation, von der „Oi! This is Streetpunk Vol.3“-Compilation und von der „The Plan“-CD.
The Shame – Sam’s Army (The Gang’s All Here)
We’re Sam’s Army and the gang’s all here…
Sam’s Army and the gang’s all here…
Sam’s Army and the gang’s all here…
For glory, the Cup and then to drink some beer…
From New York to Chicago
From Austin to L.A.
From a thousand different voices
but the song is still the same
We will march out from the beaches
from the desert or the plains
to any pitch, on any ground
to support the U.S.A.


They will hear us back in England
down in Mexico or Spain
or in any other nation
down on any given day
we will rattle your foundation
and then you’ll know our name
for Glory! We’re Sam’s Army!
and we’re from the U.S.A.

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