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The Suicide Kings: Video zum Titel „Feed“ online

Mit „Generation Suicide“ ist das vierte Album der Thrash/Punk-Band The Suicide Kings erschienen. Nach dem Video zum Titel „E-Razed“ legen die Musiker jetzt mit „Feed“ nach.
Tipp: CD-Review „The Suicide Kings – Generation Suicide“
The Suicide Kings – Feed
feed on the dead
and keep growing fat
obey your tradition
murder is their mission
tasty world collapse
more for you to snatch
production for the garbage
repressing the rampage

this world is drowning,nemesis is near
compassion is dead,time to face your fear
this ship is sinking, who will be next
compassion is dead,total collapse

feed on the dead
export whole countrys dead
blindfolded masses
sneak into rich asses
hide and never ask why
thats how cowards die
lifestyle disease
brings the dumb to their knees


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