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Judas Priest: Titeltrack vom neuen Album online

Am 11.07.2014 ist es soweit – das neue Judas Priest Album erscheint! Das 17. Studioalbum der Band heisst „Redeemer Of Souls“ und den Titeltrack kann man sich bereits jetzt anhören.
Judas Priest – Redeemer Of Souls
Time to settle the score
He’s loaded to feel their remorse
Steadfast strong that’s for sure
The deal of his life takes its course
No giving in
They don’t understand
They get to give up and to meet his demands
Count down coming your way
He’s the last to obey
Watch him seizing the day
Redeemer – redeemer of souls
There’s no holding him back
The ransom announces his deeds
He’s not cutting you slack
Just taking what ever he needs
Diamonds for eyes
As he begins
On that two wheeler from hell on the wind
Now he’s setting the tune
They know the stare down is soon
Vengeance comes at high noon
Redeemer of souls
On the skyline
The stranger draws near
Feel the heat and he’s shaking with fear
Countdown coming your way
He’s the last to obey
Watch him seizing the day
Redeemer of souls

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